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  • लक्ष्य प्राप्ती का साधन ।
  • म्हामृत्युंजय यंत्र साक्षात शिव का स्वरुप है।
  • शरीर में छुपी हुई शक्ति को जाग्रत करने का माध्यम।
  • यह यंत्र हमारे सकारात्मक विचारों को बढ़ाता है।  More
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Astrology is the study of planetary motion of heavenly bodies and their influence on our life in different ways. These information forms the basis of the knowledge that could predict your goods and bad coming forth in your life or in simple language, this study of astrology can predict your life and help you to fight the outcomes of different things that you have done in past or can help you to take decisions of your future.

The study of astrology is the outcome of thousands of years of research that are being carried out from the times of vedas when they were being written. The secret of life is written in the old parchments of vedas and thankfully these are being used today in the form of astrology. The behaviour of different planet was recorded and the effect of those on human life was observed for many years and then they came out with a study that could predict the outcomes of your life.

Even scientists are slowly turning their faces towards astronomy because of the accurateness of this study. They are explaining this phenomenon as that we all know that large stars emit electromagnetic radiation and with continuous motion this radiation does leave effect on everything that comes under its influence which in turn means that this radiation will surely leave effect on human life as well. 

The art of astronomy is being used in various fields and is pretty successful everywhere. Good astrologer knows the individual's strength and weaknesses and on that basis only he can predict the nature of outcome of certain event on the individual's life. Astrology is an art that could change your life completely and turn your difficulties into the milestones of your success. You just have to believe and leave the rest of it on your astrologer. You have to believe that something out there is influencing your life and is demanding you to change few things in your lifestyle. Once you start believing, the routes of your success will start to open up automatically.

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