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  • लक्ष्य प्राप्ती का साधन ।
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  • यह यंत्र हमारे सकारात्मक विचारों को बढ़ाता है।  More
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VirgoVirgo sign is suggested to stay alert financially during the beginning of the year, predicts Vedic Astrology for 2017. Take enough time before getting into a business partnership. If you are planning to invest your money somewhere, the time doesn't look that good. Second half of the year will be auspicious. It will be better to think about investments during this time. Stay alert in the matters of money. Students may face troubles in education. As per the horoscope of Virgo in 2017, those who are looking for job and want to begin their career will get enough opportunities. People associated with media or any artistic field will get benefited. There will be no problem in job. Boss and seniors will support you. Promotion is seen at the end of the year. You might get a bit stressed at family front. Take some time out for your life partner and try to clarify all the issues by discussing together. It will be great if you don't trust a new relationship immediately. Rivals will get benefited with your support. Your interest will increase in auspicious and religious deeds. You will be praised in society, family, and business for your skills.

If we talk about lovers, time is positive for them as well. However, relationship of some natives might get disturbed due to the suspicious behavior of the partner and spending less time together. However, the situation can be brought under control. Just think properly about resolving it before starting any argument due to doubt. Many journeys are planned for you in this year. These journeys will also benefit you. Businessmen have strong chances of travelling abroad for business purpose. Horoscope 2017 for Virgo suggests you not to be sloppy for your health. Sattvic diet and regular Yoga can get you rid of all the problems. Health will start to get better at the year end and your work efficiency will also increase.

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